another mama blog?

let’s keep this short & sweet.

I know there are a hundred “mum blogs” out there –  a quick Google will reveal dozens for your reading pleasure. I know, because I read them like they’re gossip magazines (no shame – & are among my faves) so – what’s the point in starting one then?

Well, I don’t really know. Here I am, fresh into 36 weeks pregnant & just deciding to start a “mum blog”? No – because despite (almost) being a mum, with a blog, I am more than just a mum. I mean.. aren’t we all? Isn’t this what we all preach as we transition into motherhood – that we are more than just mums. That our lives aren’t suddenly defined by the little humans we’ve harvested and introduced to this world?

I know that as of now, I have more to talk about than nappies, boob milk, bumps & babies. And although my little one hasn’t yet joined us, I believe that I will always have more to say. Not that there won’t be pieces on here about those things – I’m sure in a few months time I’ll be able to write pages and pages on nappies, feeds, poo and all.

But I will always have more to say. I, as a person, am opinionated as they come – but not judgemental. (I know we all say that, just go with it) I love to read, I love to write & I love to  KNOW. Knowledge is more than sacred to me. So although I may not share this blog anywhere, although it may stay unread by anyone but me – I believe it’s time to spend my late nights/early mornings (pre & post baby – sleep hasn’t ever been my friend) spilling my thoughts here, rather than mindlessly switching between social medias all night, sipping “sleepy time” tea (bullshit, but it tastes good) & trying not to disturb my peacefully sleeping partner.. or smother him out of jealousy that he is indeed asleep, and i am not.

So if you stumble upon this gem somehow (Googling mum blogs maybe?) or I do in fact decide to share this with the world – HELLO. Welcome. Enjoy.

p.s: First thing I’ve discovered since having a blog – I’m shit at short & sweet. Let’s not try that again.

xo, Cara


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